Sunday, 29 March 2015


Last week was all about Robots. 

Two separate orders for robot sarouels, one for shorts and one for standard long ones. So I cheated a little, and use a fabric I love for both.

I am yet to work out the art of a perfect flat lay photo, so images do not do these justice. But that fabric is so cute. Shorts and sarouels were a teeny tiny size OO. Smaller than I normally make, but now I have requests for more from a certain daughter for her son. Tamika got excited cause she thought they were for Chester. Sorry Bubby, both for babies yet to be born.

The bunting, is a mixture of robots on one side and bright colours on the other side. Since I was making these up, (they take forever to hand cut and sew) I made double, so I still have one left. It is a double sided, handmade, three meter, eight flag, robot and bright bunting. $25 plus postage and handling.

Okay so does anyone have any hints on how to take a good flat lay photo? 

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