I love mail. I love running out to the letterbox and getting letters, even better parcels! Second to that is reading an email, please don't be shy about contacting me, with any questions, comments, and or suggestions.

Also, if you have questions regarding sponsorship, advertising, collaborations, or other things, email them to me as well.

You can also contact me via my Facebook page Iliska Dreams

I am a big lover of Instagram and currently have two accounts. 

One personal 

And one for sewing


  1. Hey Julie, sorry I deleted your post that you sent me by mistake. I accidently put mine on there twice and instead of deleting one of mine, I deleted yours instead. And I was so excited to finally get a comment :(

  2. I really wanted to make a comment in your sleep post but they seem to be turned off. I too have had a trouble sleeper, much improved, but the full nights sleep eludes me too. And yes, there was disruption with returning to work

    1. I am having trouble on and off with people commenting on posts ever since I installed diqus... Part of me likes it for the conversation it generates, other is dislike as I constantly have issue with people commenting.
      A full night sleep is what we all chase!

  3. This is muuuch better
    than gettn a letter, dear.
    This is from Seventh-Heaven
    (through me, of course).
    God bless you.


Comments are almost as good as getting a letter or parcel in the mail.