Monday, 30 March 2015


Do you ever find a couple things happen in a row that are strangely connected? On Sunday night Tamika sent me a link on Facebook about a Mother having a sickie and taking a day off for herself, along with the comment 'we should do this". Later that night Bettina from Little Old Souls sent me an email telling me I had won a copy of her book.

Okay universe what are you telling me?

Bettina's book: Mothering the Soul is a guide to help you find contentment and empowerment in Motherhood through nurturing your body, mind and spirit.

I downloaded it to my kindle on Sunday night and lay down next to Jarvis to read it. Is it helping? Well on Monday I finally went and got a massage. Tamika gave me the voucher for Christmas. Okay, I fully admit I still took Jarvis with me. He sat like an angel the entire time. So, I have not fully learnt to allow myself some 'me' time, but after one chapter I did allow myself the thought that I need to respect myself more.

So ask yourself this:

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by Motherhood?  Maybe a little bit resentful or frustrated by the lack of time for you?  Maybe you even direct those feelings towards someone close to you?

Do you feel like you have lots of things you want to achieve but there is never any time to follow those passions or dreams? Are you always putting yourself last?

If the answer is yes to even one for those I fully recommend you purchase Bettina's book and support a Mum. Here is a link to her book Mothering the Soul.

I will give you an update in the book once I have finished reading it.

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