Wednesday 7 August 2013


Growth & Appearance:

I think you are beautiful. But then I am a very proud Mumma. I did not think you looked much like Tamika, until I looked back on her baby photos and saw how similar you two are. I think it is because everyone always says how much like Justin you are, that I forget that just maybe there is a little of me in you somewhere.
You just keep getting taller and taller. You may have outgrown all of your shoes, and your shirts are too short in the arms, but your little waist and hips are so tiny. Tamika and I looked every where but no one makes boys undies any smaller than 2-3. So we got some cotton nappy covers in a 000 for you to wear. They are still saggy on your tiny butt.

Your too big undies on your skinny butt

Little man you are always hungry. Where does all that food go? You have not gained any weight in the last eight months! I am, we are, still very strict with your diet in regards to junk food. I do not think you need it. Your biggest spoil is icecream. You do not get your own serve, but we do let you have some of ours.
As of two weeks ago, I stopped breastfeeding. Neither of us are happy about this. You drink mostly water, but you love your T2 fruit tea for lunch.

We offered you fish and chips the other day, you turned your nose up at it and ate the greek salad and sultanas instead.  

Still no talking from you. Though definitely think the Mum is becoming clearer, thought it sounds like an old billy goat when you say it. You also have developed (made up) a word, zizie. You say it for your singlets with bees and lady beetle on. You also call my butterfly tattoo a zizie.

 You modeling a singlet with a 'Zizie' on it

Your sleeping patterns have not changed. However, since giving up breastfeeding getting you to sleep has been a struggle. You cling to me and fight for the breast. Even after two weeks you do not want to go with out. Early this morning I found you ‘trying to help yourself’ to the breast. You also are very clingy in your sleep, not wanting to be put down, you want me to hold you while you sleep and you either wrap your fingers in my hair, or cling to my top.

You are a dare devil. I think you are designed to scare me. You are a full on child, racing from one adventure to another. You have no fear.
But in saying that you are also very cuddly and loving. You may head butt and blow raspberries on me, but then you will happily climb into my lap for cuddles.
You also will not walk on paths, no matter where we walk you will not walk on the path you have talk walk off to the side.

You choose your own path to walk on

You are such a happy soul, so easy to please. You will play in the garden for a couple of hours, carrying around your rake and just generally collecting leaves and sticks. Because we are having such a warm winter I will fill up your sand table with water and you think that it is so much fun to play in the water.
You favourite things involved anything I deem dangerous. Justin throwing you in the air and playing catch with you. Tamika spinning you round and round until you both fall over. You love to climb and to jump. 
You do not have a favourite book, but I only have to say the word and you run to your library stash and get me a book for you to read.

You like to fly

How I am thinking/Feeling
It has been a hard month for me emotionally. Stopping breastfeeding seems to have ended your babyness. You are entering the next phase of your life. One on hand you are so independent in your play, but then you do not like it if I am out of your sight. I am also torn, I love watching your strong independent nature. Yet I am honest enough to admit, I love it that you still need/want your Mumma around.

I would have loved to have given you a sibling closer in age to play with. Yet I feel so lucky and grateful to be a stay at home Mum.



  1. We have the same problem with Nereus. He's a tall and thin kid and his underwear are so big. How did you manage to stop breastfeeding? Although I'm very tired with it, even the idea of stopping scares me...

    1. I hated stopping breastfeeding, and so did Jarvis. However, I had to go on new medication so we had no choice. There has been lots of screaming and struggling with this. He is constantly grabbing at my breasts and nipples, (which I hate).

    2. Aw I see. So it is scary but we'll have to face it one day.

    3. I know. But it would have been nice to have been our choice.

  2. I love these posts you do. There such a beautiful look back and reflection. What a clever cookie he is in his albeit undies with his wee legs and bottom. I found for my daughter the cut and fit of boys undies to be better for her at first. That along with the fact that we already had a significant stash of her brothers lol.

    The end of a Breastfeeding relationship is always a an emotional one whether it's been a decision to wean intentionally or your little one had decided themselves it's time. I know I'm going into my first last with belly bubs just about due to be born and all the firsts and lasts are going to be bittersweet and hard. Hugs and big love to you for 20 months, may things calmly transition soon into the next phase with more ease. X

    1. I keep wondering if you have had number three.

      I do these posts as I know how easy it is to forget 'stuff'. I would have put any gender undies on him if I could have found any in a size 0 or one.

  3. that up in the air shot is fantastic! Can I ask why you stopped breastfeeding if you are both not happy with stopping? I hope thats not too personal a question x

    1. No, ask away. I have to take a new medication (I have been putting it off for months against my doctors wishes) so finally they talked me into it. They are right, as hard it is to give up breastfeeding, Jarvis needs a healthy Mum. But the downside of the medication is that I cannot be pregnant or breastfeed while taking it.

  4. I love that photo of him walking to the side of the path.
    And of course the one of flying Jarvis.
    Is he potty trained already? I am dreading starting this with Toddler C...I keep waiting for child care to tell me that it is time!
    And I completely agree about loving their independence and yet still wanting to be their source of everything.

    1. Jarvis is half toilet trained... At home, he loves going to the toilet, has a toilet seat and has been using it since 14 months. In the last month or so using it really well (as in no accidents). The other half, not trained, as soon as I put a nappy on him he doesn't tell me he needs to go. I am not game yet to go without a nappy for sleeps and outside the house.


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