Monday, 14 September 2015


Another perfectly lazy day spent at the beach and pool. Ah Bali, you are what my soul needed.

Padangbai is a small town in eastern Bali.  It serves as a ferry port for travel to island nearby. It is a sleep beach town perfect for people like me who prefer a small town atmosphere.

But with that small town vibes you also get small town glitches. The whole town lost power about 10am in the morning. No big deal for us as who need power to swim. Or then shower and pack up. Umm, but you do need power when you are checking out and trying to pay via EFTPOS. unlike most of the locals we did not carry much cash on us. I must remember to research more when travelling on which countries like cash over cards. Obviously Bali is one of them.

We ended up napping in one of the bamboo huts on the beach for an hour or so. Then the owner said it was okay if we paid our driver for our accommodation once we got into Legion. Typical of Bali locals, so nice about everything.

Another car ride where Jarvis watched The Avengers, again. Back to Legion, and our original hotel with the eerie corridors, but great buffet and pools.

After a morning and an afternoon at the beach, we opted to get takeaway and have a picnic on our hotel floor. While the boys had a long soak in the huge bathtub I went out to get food from Jarvis's favourite restaurant.

I have to mention how safe I felt wandering around Legion at night as a solo female, the only off comment I got was from a drunk Australian making some dumb remark about the colour of my hair. So, again I have to be embarrassed of my own country and impressed with Balinese people. 

Thanks to the locals for being so nice and polite. 

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