Monday 13 April 2015


Sometimes you really need a mini getaway. And what better, then one in your own city?

Justin had a photoshoot booked in a B&B on Tuesday, so we thought why not spend the night and act like tourist in our own city.

Annie’s Shandon Inn is a unique part of Brisbane’s history, I am sure most people in Brisbane have walked/driven past the pink and blue building at some point.

Annie Shandon moved from Ireland in the late1800s, opening and operating the B&B. She then passed it on to her daughter, who then passed in on to Annie's granddaughter. These Working Mums were way ahead of their time!

Jarvis and I bused it into the city, the B&B is a five minute walk from Brisbane City Hall. But, the B&B does provide parking at the back.

The placed is filled with history, for a vintage lover such as myself I loved checking out the place.

After a quick... hmm... long jump on the bed to test out the mattresses, we headed back into the city to see how touristy we could get...

I will show some of the images next week. Yes all three of us had our cameras.

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