Sunday, 5 April 2015


Meet Courtney, my latest 1950's inspired skirt. She is fun and friendly, a skirt that makes you feel happy.

Oh, but don't get me wrong, Miss Courtney had a level of tough bitch in her.

This waistband/zip that took three attempts, and even now the OCD in me is screaming, "not straight".

Main reason is the stripes/checks pattern of the fabric are not even, so pattern matching was a nightmare. When you lay the fabric flat, the right side of the fabric has the lines running about two centimetres higher than the left. I solved the problem of pattern matching in the skirt by the huge pocket placement. But no where to hide the waistband.

She was super comfy and fun to wear. Even after eating excessive amounts of wantons on Easter Sunday. I love this style of skirt, hides a multitude of sins, while making me feel 'dressed up', when in fact I am dagging it in my bunny t shirt and skirt.  

Customer orders welcome. I have enough fabric left over for two more skirts. Just send me an email:

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