Thursday 16 April 2015


Three and a half years on, my scar still hurts. I get twinges along the scar, often. Sometimes when I lift things the 'wrong' way. it pulls like I am going to come apart like a zipper.

However, I love my C section scar. I am proud of it. Through this was Jarvis's SAFE entry into the world. Yes, I capitalised safe, because I do not care how my two babies were born, as long as they were born safely. (For the record Tamika was a quick and safe vaginal birth)

I have had people, normally other Mums, express disappointment. I even had one to go as far as ask if I was disappointed "I did not have a successful birth?" Excuse me, but what the?

Tamika put a link to this article on my Facebook page. For those who have not read it I thought I would share it with you. Three Truths About C-sectionMamas

I recommend reading the whole article, but this paragraph so resonated with me.

1. C-Section mamas are brave.
Being prepped for a c-section is not a walk through the park. Many times, a mothers partner is not allowed in the OR until after the epidural has been administered and everyone has taken their place. This means that while doctors and nurses move about, readying the operating room for delivery (maybe talking about their lunch or what movie they saw over the weekend) a strong pregnant mama sits on a cold operating table considering what lies before her - often scared and often feeling very alone. 
Yup, look at my face in the image. You will not see disappointment at having to prep for a C, you see cold hard fear, and typical me when I am emotional, I cry. Plus a needle in the spine freaken hurts.

So for anyone who has ever felt doubt at their C section stand proud, you are a brave strong women who birth a child. Did you know April is Cesarean Awareness Month? 

How did you birthing go? Any stories you want to share? 

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