Wednesday 25 February 2015


So on Tuesday I thought I would be brave, and do lots of running around/chores with the two boys. After a bad night sleep and a six am start, I threw on what ever I thought would be A. comfy and B. baby proof. Leaving the house meant packing enough stuff for a gazillion options, I was exhausted just loading the car.

This is a tale not of having a go at another Mum, but of one reminding Mums to be nice to one another.

I had just finished the groceries, and Chester opted at the check out, to do the giant poop babies are famous for. So off to the change room. I blandly chat to the young Mum next to me, we have both got exploding poos and we each ask age and name of said poo machine. While this is happening another Mum comes up to me really close, I thought she needed to change her baby, and was peeved we were taking awhile.

She then said (right up in my face while gesturing up and down my body) "mothers like you make the rest of us feel bad". The young girl next to me asked if I knew her, when I stated I did not she turned to this Mum and told her... well I will use the PG version to "eff off you fat slag".

I have no idea why this woman was up in my face, no I was not having it easy. Any mother, or person, looking after a toddler and a newborn will tell you it is hard work. I am not angry at her I actually just felt sad. Why do women/ Mums feel the need to attack others? Each any every Mum (parent) is fighting their own battle so how about we show Mums so love?

So I am going to dedicate this post to two Mums I know that do incredible jobs. Lila over at Muma Nourish  and Christina at A Little Bird Told Me. You two are extraordinary and inspiring!

Question, what do you do with your arms in photos, so awkward?!

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