Saturday, 20 September 2014

38/52 2014

Me and my babies. I love the connection between my two. There is something magical in knowing just how much your own children love and adore each other.

These were taken last Sunday at New Farm park, so Teak's belly is even one week bigger now. Yes, she looks like she is going to explode. So much for the doctors telling us she was going to go early. (Tomorrow is her due date) Even Jarvis who has been saying for months that Tamika's baby "has to grow big and then come out of her bum" has changed to saying "out now, big enough" and then giving Tamika's tummy a good ole wack. Do hope it is not the baby he is trying to smack out of his sister's belly??!!

Last year Jodi inspired me to pick up my camera and turn the focus inward. This year I have opted to continue with the series as I feel there are still so many family stories to be told through photos. So I will continue to Link up with Jodi  (the artist formerly known as Che & Fidel now Practising Simplicity) for the 52 Project. 

Also linking up with Bron over at Baby Space with the quote a week

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