Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Is it normal to dream of tattoo? I have weird full on dreams, weirder depending on where I am in my cycle. yet last nights was not that strange. Hmm unless you think it strange that I bought Jarvis a tattoo gun off Ebay and let him tattoo a bumble bee on my wrist?

Okay, so I know the dream comes from me really, really, really want to get more tattoos, yet trying to convince myself spending the money is okay. I have a butterfly on the inside of my left wrist that Tamika drew. No, she did not do the tattoo, my very talented amazing cousin Milly who owns Rock of Ages did the actually tattoo. Tamika did the art work in primary school and I took it to Milly to transfer to my arm.

Since Jarvis was born, I have wanted to get a tattoo for him. I have been waiting for him to pick it. For some time now he has had an obsession with all things bumble bee. I think this steams from his love of Buzzbee in the Hive, and Maya the Bee. Maybe Justin started his Bumblebee obsession when he did the above photoshoot of Jarvis. (Note this is a croped version of the final image).

But Zizzies are his thing. So I want a cartoon bee to go next to Tamika's butterfly. Oh, and I want a full leg piece on the whole of my left calf. But that Hot Air Balloon is for another post.

So any recommendations for a tattooist in Brisbane who can draw Zizzies? Also since all of my other tattoos are black and white should I stick with this or add some colour into my life?

For those not up with their kids ABC viewing this is Maya the Bee

And this is Buzzbee

Butt, I am open to bee suggestions.

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