Thursday, 19 June 2014


Last week we introduced two new chickens to our brood of chickens. I knew that Hens form strong social groups and establish a pecking order, however I was not prepared for the bitchyness, the fighting and the segregation. The three old girls acted like the "popular, confident bitchy girls". The two new girls were picked on and treated like the "unpopular large girl" and the "weird geeky girl".

I hated watching this it reminded me of school. Can you guess which chicken I was?

We went out to Carindale today; and in less than an hour that we were there, five separate people paid compliments to Jarvis. From how stylishly he was dressed (silly me, a Mum stopped my and was raving about Jarvis's pants and bow tie, when will I learn to say I made them and hand over a business card?) To the simple compliment of what a good looking boy he is.

This has set me off on two trails of thought. One, will Jarvis grow up and expect people to stop him and compliment him? As he gets this every time we go out.

Thought two was why do we act like chickens?  Why do women keep to their own groups, and not including anyone new or different. Why is it so easy to say something nice to a child? But not to another adult?

When was the last time you stopped a random stranger and said something nice? When was the last time you said something nice to someone you know? Which chicken were you? 


  1. But why do we need to feel superior? I am constantly questioning this? Go on pay one random compliment to someone over the weekend!

  2. My older sister was/is the popular/beautiful confident one at school. She still carries a strength of confidence in all that she does now. So I think there is a lot to be said for being part of the popular group. But I was and never have been part of that group

  3. Oh man you nailed it for me. Why? Why are there so many chickens being mean to other chickens? I honestly just dont get it. Do these chickens sleep well at night knowing they have made another chicken feel like crap?? Hand those cards out lovely. You simply must xx

  4. I was the skinny chicken with glasses and no boobs! xo

  5. I'm not a bitchy chicken, that I know for sure. I'm more of a bewildered chicken, noticing the other chickens a day after they've moved into the next big thing! Catch up chicken. x

  6. Hand out the cards!!! I'll bet they will be very well received. x

  7. I like that "bewildered" chicken.


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