Friday, 20 June 2014


I am not sure of the main reason for my dedication to growing my own fruit and vegetables. Even though I have always lived in rentals, apartments and houses, I have always grown some produce, even if it just a herb garden. I know growing up Dad always had massive backyard garden, full of produce. I know when I was trying to fall pregnant I took a good look at my diet and knew the organic whole foods were the best thing for my body.  

But this week when I was out in the yard giving the garden a good weed and dig, I was reminded of one of the important reasons that I keep a garden. My Little Dirt Boy, my little farmer loves the earth so much. I think every child needs to grow up being able to play in the dirt. This is why in every veggie patch I have I also have a patch of dirt. Just for Jarvis. 


  1. Jarvis looks like he is in his element, so nice when they can amuse themselves with imagination.
    WE went to a lot of trouble to build a sandpit at the side of the house, under the old tank stand, good shade, nice sand.....guess where she played most of the time.....behind the sandpit , under the house in the dirt, with a big Tonka tip truck that she insisted upon for her 3rd Birthday.

  2. Jarvis would be a great mate for my little guy George. He loves sitting in a pile of dirt and running his cars through. When I'm digging and weeding I always have atleast one of my boys along side. xo

  3. Both of your boys are adorable. Now if only I could grow Jarvis a sibling in that dirt!! Jarvis often wakes up and asks to dig and mow.


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