Monday, 16 June 2014


In all of the times I have visited Melbourne I have never once gone to St Kilda beach. But after our visit, I am a little in love with it. She is little of a vintage Dame. Her features are a little old and rough around the edges, oh but she has style.

As with every where else in Melbourne I carried Jarvis in the sling and we walked and tramed to our destination. Only when Jarvis saw the beach, would he finally get down and explore. Oh, and explore he did. He ran, climbed, played and went crazy for almost three hours, before asking to be put back in the sling where he promptly fell asleep.

This is an image heavy post, but I couldn't help myself. The light in Melbourne is so soft and silky compared to Queensland. The exposure is off in a few of my images, but I took it as a learning excursion. The two images of Jarvis and I are by Justin. I love the first one of Jarvis and I. Justin certainly got his exposure correct. The last image of Jarvis and I shows just how tired and sick we both were.

 Yes, we both take ALOT of photos of Jarvis.

 Besides fishermen, we also saw penguins and water rats.


  1. I LOVE your hair. I'm missing the days of dying mine all the colours of the rainbow. Great photos too.

  2. St Kilda is just such a gorgeous part of Melbourne. I stay at the Novotel just across from the beach, and I find myself feeling so relaxed the moment I get there. And I agree with Jess, your hair is looking better than ever!

  3. I think this is one of the rare photos that shows my hairs 'actually' colour. For some reason it always photographs red.

  4. Since Susie (little sister) has an apartment on Manchester Lane we always stay with her. But now she is re-locating back to Brisbane we will have to find our own location when we stay in Melbourne, so St Kilda is now high up on my wish list.

  5. I love the vintage look of it! From your blog and other Australian blogs, Melbourne looks like a BEAUTIFUL place to visit. (and I take GOBS of photos of my kid too- it's just part of being a parent I think).

  6. Not good you were all unwell on your holiday. I used to think it was the air on a plane that was germy, but I now think it is the things you touch in the airports that make you sick, tables, chairs, doors, stair or escelator handrails etc.
    I think the light in Melbourne seems more European most times, somehow softer.
    It will be nice having your sister closer now.

  7. I got the illness a couple of days before we left. Had to do my last shift at work, pack and then fly feeling like crap. But I am so loving I opted to share it with Jarvis and Justin.

  8. St Kilda (well the parts we saw) certainly does have a vintage appeal. I also think it has a very European feel to it.


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