Wednesday 12 March 2014


Growth & Appearance:
Not much has changed, in this area, this month. I think all of your effort has gone into other areas. Oh, you do have a new scar on/near your lip. Another one of your climbing adventures. I came home from work to find you covered in blood...

You are still a gobble guts. But this month you have developed an addiction to "bena". Your Dad has always drunk ribena, and now you want it with him as well. I am aware of the extreme high levels of sugar in this drink, so we water it down and pack it full of ice.
I think you love cooking/baking with me, just so you can snack your whole way through the process.

So this was the month you opted to talk. Wow, so many new words we cannot keep up. Just this morning you clear as day, asked for a 'milk', a word you had not said before. You are talking in sentences. Not all is clear, yet you are trying so hard to make yourself understood.
Along with talking, you just cannot seem to help yourself breaking into song. You will sing all day. Often putting on 'performances' for anyone who will watch you.

You, have only had one nap, a day, for the last month. Most days it works well, some days I can see how tired you are, come bedtime. You sleep during the day in your bed (no nappy) and at night next to us (with a nappy).

Up until two weeks ago, I was still putting you in a nappy for big trips out, and long car rides. Two weeks ago, we went to Movieworld, and you decided that day you would no longer wear a nappy. Two weeks, and no accidents. I am so proud of you. Kid you were the easiest thing ever to toilet train. I am only putting a nappy on you now for your night sleep.

"Hide" with Daddy, is one of your favourites this month. You are not very good at hiding and will not do it alone. You like to hide under the sheets, insisting Justin lay next to you. I have to stomp around the house, yelling "where is Jarvis", which will set you off into fits of giggles.
You also love drawing chalk onto the pavers. So you will often walk around with a little multi coloured butt. So cute.
Water, water, and more water. You love swimming lessons with your Daddy. Hosing the garden with me. Plus, bath and shower time. You would stay in until wrinkly and there was no hot water left, if I let you.

How I am thinking/Feeling:
My baby, has gone. In his place is this strong, determined child. You are the reason I want another child. Not only are you a delight, I would love to give you a sibling to play with. You adore Tamika, but the age difference is too great. Watching you cart your Bunny and Bear around, calling them "baby" and feeding them and sitting at the table with them having morning tea. Oh, Jarvis how this makes me wish with all my heart I could have another child. I feel great sadness and emptiness that this cannot happen. It also makes me want to hang onto you with all my might as I know how quickly you are growing up. 

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