Thursday, 26 September 2013


As I was slathering Jarvis with sun screen, and then layering on the sun shirt, hat, and making sure he was under the shade of the brolly before letting him in the pool, I thought how different I am in so many ways from my parents, yet I am so much the same.

As a child I was lucky to get a crocheted bikini as protection, even Susie with her pale skin was put out in the sun. We joked as children, and as adults, that our mother needed a rotisserie as she loved to bake so much in the sun. There were no time limits, no sun screen, no hats, definitely not a brolly, unless it was to keep the booze cool. A visit to the beach or a pool was all about how much sun we could all get. I remember coming home, as a child, with skin so burnt, it was stiff and painful to move.

Now I am not sure whether it is helicopter parenting or more education on skin cancer, but I am so neurotic about Jarvis getting burnt. I hear myself often nagging him to play in the shade and get out of the sun. I even limit the amount of time he plays outside in the middle part of the day, as this new house does not offer much in the way of protection from the sun.

As I floated in the pool beside Jarvis (yes I had such a tough morning) I began to wonder how much of me was in contrast to my parents and how much of me was the same? Is everything I do a direct reaction from my childhood?

Okay so tell me… what do you do that is exactly like you parents? And what is that you do that is different?.

Jarvis floated out into the sun, all relaxed and laid back in the pool, I was the neurotic mother yelling "kick back over into the shade".


  1. That looks like such a nice day!
    My mother taught me how to put on baby oil to get a better tan...I am sure that these days that would be considered child abuse!
    I think I am mostly very much like my parents...same values and whatnot...I think the issue of the Internet will be a big one that I face that my parents didn't have to.

  2. jane@flightplatformliving27 September 2013 at 02:48

    shit that's a can of worms I'm too scared to even go by! lol! Your pool looks divine....that's enough i'm running away! x

  3. I'm with you! I'm totally horrified with the idea of my boys' beautiful creamy skin getting burnt. My older ones try to get out of wearing sunshirts but I have a no shirt no swim policy!
    PS my mum was also a baby oil tanner and thank god I always had more sense than to follow her advice in this respect!

  4. Jarvis already has skin the colour of burnt honey, that kid does not need a tan. But even if he was white as I would not let him play in the sun. I have lost count of how many melanomas I have had cut/burnt off.

  5. It is my sister's pool, it is amazing!!

  6. I am laughing at the baby oil, only cause Mum use to do it to us! Tamika and I had a huge conversation tonight about the internet and how her generation is growing up with it. We both agreed it will probably take until she is a Mum to see what it has done to a whole generation of children.

  7. My mother has taken good care of us. I agree with her on safety, healthy eating etc. Of course I have my own way of doing things. I get more informed on these issues and I'm also more know, I don't get hysterical if something goes wrong.

  8. You sound like you have a good parent in your Mum. You are lucky


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