Sunday 25 August 2013


Time now for me to cover the formal part of my education. After living with Pat, and being encouraged to grow my mind, I realised that not all education had to be as tortuous as High School.

Me in 2006 part way through my triple major

It was actually a combination of Pat, and my apprenticeship as a Hair Dresser that showed me I like to learn. I like to challenge my mind. As part of my apprenticeship I went to TAFE one day a week. When this was finished I opted to do more training. The first was an easy choice I became a qualified tutor, and tutored the students at TAFE. While doing this I also completed A Certificate II in Arts. 

But it was not until after I had Tamika that I was bitten by the education bug big time. When she started school, I started university. I worked full time and studied part time. So it was slow going through some of my degrees. But I managed to do a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Photography, at Griffith University.

Next another Bachelor of Arts, this time I went crazy and did a triple major, Art History, Media Studies and Literature Studies. Yup a triple on top of work and being a single Mum. There were lots of nights I thought I would go crazy. But I not only completed all three, I completed the three with a GPA of 6.75.

A couple of years off study I thought I would go back for more and did a Graduate Diploma of Education. Well almost, I have one prac left before I am a qualified teacher. Pregnancy and disillusionment with the Queensland education system got in the way of me completing this degree.

Will I study more? Of course! What next who knows. Any recommendations?


  1. I think it is important to never stop learning.
    I am currently very slowly getting my Masters of Health Practice focusing on Professional Education.
    I think I will take a long break from formal learning when I am finished!

    1. Were did you start you learning? What was your first step after High School? Have your studies been done here or in America

  2. Aww that's great, I agree there is always more to learn!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  3. I thought about a teaching diploma! The kids thought I'd make an awesome teacher. But disillusionment with study in general ruled that out. Sometimes these days I think I'd like to do nursing, specifically theatre or whatever they call it but I just couldn't take time off work to undertake study/prac. Ah well. Looking forward to retirement!

    1. I wanted to teach so kids could have someone to show them learning can be amazing. But the whole system got to me. I still have not ruled out teaching, I may just look at alternatives.

  4. Time to move away from the arts and go techie - how about a doctorate in computers?


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