Thursday 11 July 2013


The last two weeks have melded, and become a blur. Bar for our amazing week-end away, not much has happened, and a lot has. With no time to complete any sewing projects, I have had to find contentment in repairs and little sewing tasks.

Jarvis has gone from getting six new teeth, to having a cold, which has lead to bronchitis and a sever middle ear infection. Days have passed with him snuggled on my lap on the couch, when there has been no sun. A lot of Dr Seuss has been read, Jarvis adores these books.

On days soaked in winter sun, we lay out on a rug in the back yard, watching the birds and playing with Tira. Jarvis seems content just to cuddle and watch the sky. If I look over, I can see our garden. It is with wonder I notice that the little seeds planted into the earth have begun to grow. Tiny little buds appear above the dirt.

Even with all of this rain, and not a lot of warm sun, my edible garden is growing a new crop of food for us to enjoy. 


  1. Poor Jarvis (and mama) hope he's well again soon!

    I just planted a crop of garlic, onions and leek and we planted a blood orange last weekend.Small steps to at least taking care of some of our own food.

    1. We have planted so much! Just as they all seem to be growing so well it seems as if I am going to lose my garden.
      Jarvis is a very cuddly boy at the best of times, but now all he wants is our love.

  2. Sick days are no fun :( Dominic seems to caught a bug himself. I hope your little one starts feeling better <3

    1. I saw on insta Dom is sick. Hope both our boys get well soon.


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