Monday 17 June 2013


I have had a week off from blogging due to sever Gastro, but now I am back and want to finish my Tourist Tuesday series on our visit to Sydney.

After the Botanical Gardens we went to the State Library of New South Wales, where for the first time, Head On Portrait Prize was exhibited along with several other shows. The Head On Photo Festival was on in Sydney from 17 May - 23 June 2013. 

Sydney's internationally acclaimed, Head On Photo Festival, is Australia's largest photo festival and the world's second largest festival. In 2013 the Festival significantly expanded its reach with over 200 events at 100 venues cementing itself in Sydney life as the premiere festival celebrating photography. It covered wide range of photography across all genres from photojournalism and reportage through commercial to fine art.

Justin entered the Head on Portrait Prize competition, and while he did not win, it was still very exciting to see his portrait on show in the State Library. Plus the State Librabry is any book lovers heaven. Wow!

After viewing Justin’s image at the State Library, and the others on show, we walked down to the Harbour and had lunch with one of the most spectacular views anywhere in the world. We also, took the opportunity to take photos of ourselves taking photos.

Weariness set in after lunch in the sun, so we trained it back to our B&B for a much needed afternoon nap.

Justin and Jarvis both enjoyed a nap, and boy! Both of them can snore! We woke up and walked up to Crown Street. Crown Street, Surry Hills is filled with restaurants and shops, and a convenient playground for the kids. Jarvis had a play in the park. When it got too dark to see, we crossed the road and had a delicious dinner at In the Mood for Thai.

The original plan was to head back to the harbour, after dinner, to see the Light Festival; however, Jarvis had another exploding bowel movement that ended up all over the both of us. Hmm, so no lights and no desert. Back to the B&B for showers and a spot of major hand washing. 


  1. Gorgeous photos. I just love seeing other place. & poor baby Jarvis, all wore out! He's a trooper though! I drag Dominic out and about for maybe a couple hours and he always loses it on me, lol!

    1. It was a big day for Jarvis. A plane ride, no morning nap, teething and two explosive bowel movements. So he did get grumpy. But over all if I make sure he gets his morning and afternoon nap, Jarvis is amazing to take out and go places.

  2. look at you! You have to come play on the shiny t tuesday linkup! Just look at you. you are a goddess!!! the whole concept of the shiny t tuesday was exactly for this, to get over the way we say no to ourselves when it comes to glittering! OH GO ON!!!!! i know you want to! xxxx

    1. I think it also comes down to two things (besides not liking my head on film). You know the old saying about mechanics having the worse cars. Well I am the partner of a photographer. Justin spends a lot of his time taking images to make women feel better about themselves. So is over it when it comes to me. Also the who selfie thing, I can never manage to take selfies without feeling like a tosser. There needs to be a bloggers guide on how to take a selfie


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