Thursday, 20 June 2013


I finished my skirt from last weeks post. Now named, Chocolate Hearts.

As you know the fabric I have had for several winters. With my normal no pattern style of sewing I simply cut the fabric into three equal pieces and a section left over for the waist band. I attached the three pieces together, using French seams. With no brown zipper on hand I used a hot pink one.

I made a simple waist band and lined it with chocolate cotton, I would have preferred to use something other, but trying to stick to my personal goal of not buying anything new.

As usual I avoided button holes, by using a zip and hook and eyes for the skirt closure. 

The skirt got its first outing in the Valley for Yum Cha last Sunday. It fits really well, and it is nice and warm. The only fault I noticed was when I got out in the sun, (doggy eyes did not pick up on it inside) I have sewn one panel of fabric upside down. Opps, only just noticeable, but now I know it; it is bothering the OCD in me.

The shots were taken in the back yard, picking lemons for a yummy lemon cheesecake Justin made us. 

 Give Me A Chocolate Heart

Everyone loves a delicacy
And most of all miss dainty me
Who's not so dainty now, I say
There's so many wrappers to throw away

Chocolate has a place in my heart
It's a springboard for my life's jumpstart
Whenever I am feeling low
It's to the chocolate box I go

I think if I eat enough sweets
My heart will turn to yummy treats
And how could that be bad?
In the company of chocolate no one's sad

They'll love my dark chocolate soul
You can't resist what makes you whole
Oh, make me chocolate filled
If everyone loves me, I'll be thrilled

Phoenix Rory :

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  1. OMG that's divine as are you! Now don't tell me you can't link this post up on Tuesday!

  2. I love the skirt. I love all your skirts you make actually! It looks comfy, warm, and adorable <3 (and now i want to eat chocolate too)

    1. It is super comfy. Bonus points I didn't have to buy anything i used stuff in my sewing stash. So kinda like a free skirt. I always eat chocolate, don't think I could go a day with out

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  4. Oh I love a skirt with a nice twirl factor! So cute!

    1. Thank you. So do I a full skirt and a t-shirt you can feel all dressed up and it is so easy to wear.


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