Friday, 11 September 2015


Growth & Appearance:
My long hair beautiful boy, I think no matter what I dress you in, you will get mistaken for a girl. There is a softness, a prettiness to your face. I think, you look like a boy, but it seems most strangers do not.
I ask you often if you want to get a hair cut like Daddy, but you always reply with "I like my long hair". Well your hair is yours, and it is your call.
You came back from Bali several shades darker. Does not seem to matter how much suncreen I use you always tan.

Nothing has changed here, still my fussy eater. Though I was proud of how many new things you tried when we were in Bali.

You never shut up. You like to talk. You even told me yesterday that when Tamika took you to the park while I was at work "I talk Teaky, my sister, ear off". You always like to add the 'my sister' bit when referring to Tamika.
I know I should correct some of your enunciation of certain words, but it is just too cute how you say some things.

You wake normally around 7:30. Nap for about two hours in the middle of the day. Then go to bed around 8:30. Giving me the parenting gold of a day nap and sleeping through the night.
You still co-sleep. You will nap in your bed, but your heart breaks and tears come each time I suggest you sleep in your bed. So for now you sleep all over Justin and I. I often wake with your sweaty little body on top of mine. You like to cuddle or sleep on either Justin or I every night.
You still want to be cuddled to sleep by patting my tummy and twirling a mole on my belly. Yup this is weird, but it soothes you.

My toddler is disappearing and a child is replacing him. You have grown up and matured so much in the last month. I think is has a lot to do with us going to Bali. You accepted and processed so much information and change it was incredible. You have taken on chores of late. You are so, so very responsible about them. One of them is to keep the loo paper stacked. I think the image shows how full on you are about fulfilling your jobs. 
I think the first image captures your personality so well. You run at life, head on, full of life and energy.

After only four lessons, clear to say ballet has become your new favourite. You wake up Mondays, and are so excited to get up and go. You ask all week "on Monday I do ballet?" You are also getting a strong taste in regards to music, you will clearly like or not like a song. You ask me for happy music and have a list of songs that fall into this group.

You still love to paint, you and I will pass hours, painting at your craft table. You are slowing filling up our whole bedroom with your works. 

How I am thinking/Feeling:
How do I put into words how you make me feel? Tamika may have made me a mother, and shaped the woman that I am. But you have certainly put your stamp on me. You make me lighter, happier. You make me just want to 'be' with you.

I often think of all of the things I should be doing but then. I realise being with you is really all I want to do. Whole days can past and all we have done is play. But those simple days always tend to be my happiest. You are a funny child, who makes so many people laugh. You remind me to be happy and enjoy the moment. The world needs more people like you in it. 

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