Sunday 22 March 2015


I like to use fabrics for things that are not what they are meant for. Jarvis's new sarouels are a perfect example. Thick quilting cotton would not be a first choice for a relaxed pants style. But it works.

Plus colours, I also got this fabric (it is called Mod Box) in grey, but no, Jarvis picked the coral.

Jarvis got the first pair as I am experimenting with different pockets, and do not like to sell them until I have made couple 'practice' ones. Oh, and sad to say, I have a matching pair. Though I will not be rocking the skater boy look with mine. My look is more relaxed daggy Mum.

But I am thrilled to say the pockets have turned out perfectly. Amazing what you can do with a little guess work and basic pattern drafting knowledge.

So I present to you Mod Box Sarouels in coral. Modelled by my gorgeous boy. 

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