Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Growth & Appearance:
All at once you are so old, yet also still my baby. Your weight never seems to change, but boy do your feet grow! You get taller and ganglier each month.

Since Christmas you seem to have gotten even fussier. If that was even possible. Yet, over all I am not worried. Kids do this and I am sure, soon enough you will eat what ever again. Though, I have never seen anyone smash through a milkshake as fast as you do.

Chatty McChatty. You question and talk all day. Funny thing is you talk even more to your Dad. Funny cause, Justin is so not a big talker, yet you force him to talk to you all of the time. Sometimes I think Justin hides in his office working just to have a silence break.
The cutest thing you say of late is your name, you are "Jarba Big Boy". Occasionally you add you last name. We even had a big debate about last names, you think my name should be the same as you and your Dad.
You love to ask the time, in fact you ask it every ten seconds or so. I started this, I was teaching you numbers and the time via the clock, now you ask all of the time. But you do not want me to tell you, you want me to turn around and say "I don't know, can you tell me?"

Still co-sleeping. I ask every now and then, but you get upset and say "no allll the people sleep together". So I guess you will sleep with us for awhile longer.
You have developed this weird habit, not sure if I have mentioned it before, but you like to pat my tummy and twirl my mole on my tummy until you go to sleep. I know you are tired when you ask for tummy.

You have developed a more of a sense of 'you'. You know what you do want, and what you do not. This includes, foods, clothes, well pretty much everything. Once you set your mind to something you will stubbornly try to do it, even if it would be easier if I helped you.

Painting has become a string favourite the last couple of months. Tamika and I both gave you art supplies for your birthday. At first you were a little disinterested, but then I set up an art station near my desk. Now you want to paint all of the time. Finally found a purpose for all of my uni notes and assignments, You are painting and crafting your way through them. Since then I have had to buy you more and more paint. I do not mind I love watching you paint, the look of happiness and concentration. Plus our bedroom is looking great, I always hated those white cupboards.

How I am thinking/Feeling:
You make me feel content. I like to just 'be' with you. I think, today I will sew/blog/housework but then I find myself just playing with you. But I always go to bed happy on the days of no work and just us hanging out.

You fill me with wonder at the person you are becoming. 

How stunning are the last two images of Jarvis and I together??!! Justin does take incredible images. Visit his website here and here for his wedding website. 

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