Wednesday, 28 January 2015


This year, I decided my word for the year was believe. Well, since I am greedy and picked three... Believe in Myself. And since I am such a lover of lists, I opted to make a list of three things I want to achieve each month in regards to feeling self worth and growing my business.

Betinna recommended a Brendan Burchard podcast on starting your dream and his advice was - if it's really important to you, you can find time to do just three things a day towards it. I thought this tied in really well with my list of three goals per month.

January Goals
1. Narrow down what you want to start selling. Get a focus to your stock ideas.
2. Spend fifteen minutes per day improving my skills, and learning new techniques.
3. Take action.

Did I manage this for January? Did I manage to do three things each and every day? Yes on every day off, but struggled on days I work.

1. I have gained clarity in regards to this, now looking at fabric choices and suppliers.

2. This has been the easiest to do, I love learning new skills. Every day off, I have allowed at least half an hour in my sewing area. I need to find how to achieve me time as well.

3. I read this on Bloggers Bazaar: Imagine your life as if you’ve already achieved your goals. What will it look like? What will it feel like? Imagine feeling totally confident in yourself. Now, from that place of total confidence, ask yourself what kind of actions you would take if you were already successful? Choose one small action to take right away. Action brings clarity. I found one and two allowed me to achieve three. 

P.S How cute are my new clothing labels?! More on them later.

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