Sunday, 18 January 2015

3/52 2015

Same same but different. My two are so much alike in so many ways. There are only tiny glimpses of me in Jarvis. His love of cleaning and order. His love of cuddles and affection. That is me. But, on a lazy day like yesterday, my two are almost a mirror image.

With no car all week. (Off at the panel beaters) And extremely hot humid days, we opted to do one of Jarvis's favourite things...go to the movies. Even more fun for him was that we caught the bus to the cinema.

Quote from Jarvis: "Me see that!".

After every preview at the cinema Jarvis will tell me this. He loves the movies so much, he wants to watch every single one that comes out even "Mummy Daddy movie" which is how Jarvis describes any movie that is not a PG movie. We took him to watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. We were not sure if he would sit till and or enjoy, but he loved it as much as his movies, talked for days about the bad guys, and how the doctor help people like Octonauts help people. 

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