Wednesday, 19 November 2014


How old is too old? Is there an expiry date to when women should stop wearing a bikini? This post on Facebook by Julie Cross, and all of the media attention it is getting has got me thinking. I too am a 46 year old Julie, and I wear my bikini when I go to the beach.

Yup, I am 46 years old, I have had two children and I have a morbid fear of exercise. No, that is probably going too far, but it bores me, and I think why waste time doing that stuff, when I can spend it with my children. I am now also a grandma, so does this mean a bikini is off limits for me?

Justin bought me a bikini, not long after I had Jarvis, and I love it, it is comfy and in my opinion cute. Do I think I am cute wearing it? I actually don't give a damm, I wear it cause it is comfy.

Am I confident wearing it? When I put it on, each and every time, I think about my lumps and bumps, then promptly forget it and go and have fun in the sand with Jarvis. Do I think I get comments about wearing a bikini? I am sure I do but like comments on my hair which I wrote about last week, I have never heard anyone say anything. Besides the only people's opinion that I care about is Tamika's and Jarvis.

At the moment Jarvis's face lights up with joy each and every time he sees my tummy. He will even run at me with joy saying "tummy, my tummy" and want to stroke my belly. So, I guess until I embarrass my kids the bikini is here to stay.

(Oh, and do I have a photo of me in my bikini? Not really, but I did look for one. You will just have to stalk me next time I am at the beach.) 

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