Monday, 11 August 2014


With working a lot of hours in the past two weeks I have been sewing in small snippets of time, when ever I can. But my mind stays up late, way after I have gone to bed, thinking of all of the things I want to be doing. Most of these thoughts of late have got to do with adding a shop to my blog.

I have been sewing up a few test patterns I have made, and will show you soon. But for now I will leave you with images of Justin in the men's sarouels mucking around on the diggers in front of our house.

Justin is wearing a small men's, with extra drop, sarouels by Iliska Dreams Sleepware.

If any of you out there have kids and a tape measure, I would love for you to measure your children for me. I am trying to see if the so call standard sizing apply to our children of today.

Measurements needed

Hip to floor (leg length)
Shoulder to wrist (arm length)
Neck to waist
Shoulder to shoulder

Plus age of child.

Thanks heaps for all who help out :)

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