Wednesday 30 July 2014


How do you feel about your body? Are there people who say they are happy with all aspects? On the week-end I was sitting between my Aunt who is over weight, even after two tummy staples, and my Mum who has been anorexic her entire life. Two ens of the spectrum, but neither are happy.

Note: this is not my image. I am trying to find out who's it is so I can give due credit. 

I can honestly say I do not want to change my weight, but this does not in any way imply I am happy with my body. I dislike the normal lumps and bumps a woman of my age has. But at 46, and never having exercised in my life, and after two children what can I expect? That I could put on a bikini and rival how Elle looks at 50? A woman can dream.

They say beauty comes from within, but what happens when you believe your 'within' is ugly and damage? Sadly most of my issues with my body are issues with my internal working, and nothing, no exercise and no botox is ever going to fix that.

Lila asked on Facebook the other day what colours were in people's wardrobes. The bulk of mine is black, a combination of two reason. One being working in retail that has been my work uniform for years. Plus, when ever I am feeling insecure, that is my fall back colour.

This got me thinking, is it confidence that allows people to wear colour? Or do they wear it as a disguise?

I want to know what colour makes you confident? Can you clash colours? I know this post is a lot of questions, but I guess after three weeks I am still questioning myself and my faulty body. 

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