Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Growth & Appearance:
So what does my two and a half year old look like. Pretty much like you always have, just taller. It is harder for me to find winter clothes that fit you. Shirts that fit the length of your arms are too baggy. With store bought pants they fit your waist, but then are about five centimeters too short. Lucky for your tall skinny frame, I make most of your clothes.

Like everything else you doing, eating has to be done "your way". You will eat some days, but then other days you are too busy. I just try to sneak in enough veggies and calcium and hope that the rest is okay.

Lunch is done with a full face of make-up and animated story telling.

Dozens and dozens of new words and new sayings. You wake up and you talk. Then you talk all day until you finally go to sleep. The worst thing you do is you will say things on repeat. Since coming back from Melbourne all you ask for is a "blue duck". I do hope we can find a chicken blue enough for you. Since you rarely ask for stuff and this is a practical ask (we get more eggs) we are thinking of fulfilling this wish of yours. You are also copying what we say, I said "No way" to Justin and like a perfect mimic you repeated it back, with the exact sarcastic tone. We are now going to have to watch what words we use.
You now tell us stories...Apparently Dick's (Tamika) baby has to grow, but it is a ducks bum (Jarvis talk for egg) and will come out of her bum. Justin is also pregnant. But no one else is. If we try to tell you Susie also has a baby in her belly like Tamika, you say "bum burp" which is your way of saying fart. So Tamika is pregnant, Justin is pregnant, but Susie just needs to fart.

On the look out for a blue duck for you.

For your day nap, if I am at work you will happily go to sleep for your Dad. But if I am at home you will only go to sleep if I lay beside you. In most ways I do not mind, the quiet time, the cuddles, plus you always tell me to read my book. But some days I think you are getting old enough to go to sleep with out me. But then you will call my name with horrible heart wrenching sigh if I don't lay beside you, I think bugger it, you are only young for such a small amount of time.
After every sleep of nap, you always wake up and say "no more shhh".

Boy you have major attitude. But you are also one of the funniest people I know. Many people have commented on just how funny you are once you get over being shy around most people. I think this quote sums you are so well: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." You do things in your own way, you are a strange wonderful soul, that is so full of life.
You are also showing how much you have grown up of late, you now stand to pee and insist on a 'big person' cup to drink from. As with everything, you seem to be the one who tells us when you are ready to move onto the next stage of your development.

Anything that requires concentration also requires a slight tongue poke.

This month you have insisted on blue hair and lots of coloured make-up. Each day as I get ready you sit on the bathroom floor and paint your face. Even days I am not wearing make-up you still want to do yours. Though you like the heavy handed approach when it comes to applying it.
I worked some crazy hours before we went to Melbourne and your favourite "dark blue car' went missing. Oh, the heart break. Justin and I went in to dozens of shops and finally found a replacement. But, somehow you know. You just do not want to carry your new dark blue car around with your every day every where like the old one.
Not sure if this goes under favourite but this month you have developed this habit of stoking and kissing my belly.

How I am thinking/Feeling:
Sad, too many people around me are having babies and my greatest wish was to give you a sibling close in age. But also really lucky. You are an extreme person, so filled with love and light, I feel so very lucky I get to watch you grow up. 


  1. Trudie Bristow12 June 2014 at 12:30

    Oh mumma I just want to hug you. You love and parent him so perfectly. This post made me laugh out loud and your retelling of his speech. Don't you just love their stories? Such a beautiful time. I just want to squeeze you a little tighter to because I know how that longing feels. It's one of the hardest feelings to ever let go of. Sending love. X

  2. Isn't it wonderful when they start to talk, you get what is going on in their head and can explain things and have interesting conversations, and yes their own words for things are a constant source of amusement...,can you gues what a "pooey smoke" was ? I thought that was a very clever description.
    The little ones sure do grow up fast, you will notice about now, that Jarvis starts to do as you ask, it is a huge step in their safety, to have them stop running or walking toward danger, not touch hot or sharp things, keep away or stay near something, it makes life much easier. It is the difference between a response to "please put your drink on the table" to him keeping it in mind when you have said "keep away from the road, you will get squashed" which he will then do for rest of the morning.

    Apparently at this age they grasp the positive action of "keep away" better than the negative of " don' play on the road" etc .It really keeps you thinking, trying to use positive phrases, but it does work well.

    Kids clothes sizes are all over the place, so you are lucky to be able to make some things. I used to find I would look at what we had and think yes that and that will still fit this year, but then a few weeks later they would have a growth spurt and there would be a fruitless hunt for what you needed, as the shop stock had been picked over and not much left.
    Good luck with finding a blue duck.

  3. They way a child's mind works amazes me. I thought that knowing I was going to be a grandmother would help quench my cravings for more...seems it has had the opposite effect.

  4. Still no blue duck. I have never baby proofed my house, not for Tamika and now not for Jarvis, I find it better to explain why they should not touch certain things.
    Pooey smoke??? LOL WHat? I give up?

  5. Fart.....Ha ha.... .his young uncle thought it was hilarious and was a surfer at the time and this expression went up and down the coast with him and his mates, funny how language travels.

  6. At first we tried to use the 'correct' words with Jarvis. But now we find ourselves repeating Jarvis talk.

  7. Ohh Julie- that sleeping photo has my ovaries doing somersaults. He really is the most beautiful child xx

  8. I know, just being around him makes me want more children.


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