Thursday, 13 February 2014


Growth & Appearance:
You look the same, yet somehow you look so different, so grown up. You are still a skinny thing, but continue to grow so tall. In your swimming class you are the youngest but the tallest. I wonder if you will continue to be tall. On both my mother's and father's side of the family there are some very tall people. So maybe you get height form me?

Pretty much if it is on a plate you will eat it. Though there are 'rules'. Sandwiches must have the crusts cut off and cut into triangle, definitely not squares. Food on your plate should not touch. Even odder is you will eat a caesar salad if all of the ingredients are on your plate separately, mixed as a salad you will reject it. You do this with a few dishes. An OCD gobble guts is pretty much what you are.

In the last two weeks you have said so many new words. It is like you finally decided you will talk. Though strange thing is, a lot new words such as bath, pasta are said in a whisper until you are confident with them. Now you seem to want to chat all of the time.

You have decided that you are going to fight every single nap/sleep. I know you are at the point you don't need your morning one, but you are in such a better mood all day if you do have this morning nap.

In the last two weeks you have suddenly become so grown up. You listen to me and respond with logic. If you have a melt down it is down to three things, lack of sleep, me being at work that day, or no one being able to understand what you are trying to say.
Other than that you are the class clown. You crack me up. You are one of the funniest people I have every known. You also will do/repeat things to get a laugh.
Your fearless energy is getting so full on, you climb and jump, scaring the crap out of me on a regular basis.

The chickens and the backyard in general. You will spend hours out there digging in the dirt with me. You will even collect my weeds and wheelbarrow them to the compost heap for me.
The evening walk has become a highlight for you. After dinner, we go for a walk (no phone, and no cameras allowed) you will pick the direction and set off at a pace that is a slow jog for me. Some nights you walk for up to an hour, some nights only fifteen minutes. But you come home covered in sweat and so happy.
You may hate me later for mentioning this, but you have developed a 'bum' obsession. You love coming up to either me or your Daddy and putting your bum on us. In bed if you can jump/sit on us you thinking it is great. You have also started farting on command, you with ask us to pick you up and then fart on our arms/hips and then you crack yourself up laughing so hard.
Cooking with me is another favourite thing of yours, which makes me want to bake/cook more often as you enjoy helping so much. 

How I am thinking/Feeling   
Sad. Other stuff is going on and it is adding up to make me feel sad. You are growing up so fast. You will put your hand on my cheek and give me a kiss saying "Mummum" and my heart melts, can't believe the tiny dancer in my belly so full of energy, is now the grown up toddler who is so full of love and life. Jarvis you are so very very loved. 


  1. He's so gorgeously cute. I love watching him grow up here. Sometimes he's so darned cute I wish I could snuggle him too! Is that the clucky thing kicking in?? :D

  2. Jarv is a good snuggler! Yes I think it is the clucky thing kicking in. Well it is for me, I look at my children and want a dozen, okay well at least half a dozen more

  3. What a little dude. Sounds like you have your garden back Julie, weren't you sad to be saying goodbye to one not all that long ago? I'm envious of your chicken ownership, first thing I'm doing when the opportunity arises.

  4. He has grown so much. Every time I see these photos of him it's hard to imagine he was a baby not too long ago when I started reading your blog. How cute about the eating habits though. Miss 9 doesn't want her food touching either and if she can help it she'll eat one ingredient at a time. Over the past few days I've found that I've been letting her hug and cuddle for as long as she wants. Letting her hold my hand whenever. I've realised that perhaps soon she won't want me as involved or as close so I'm making more effort to enjoy it all while I can and while she lets me xoxox

  5. We moved in September and I lost my old garden (two years of work) this one is slowly slowly getting to where I want it to be. We are lucky the owners let us have chickens. The eldest produces on egg a day, the two younger ones will be laying soon

  6. The only other person I know who separates their food is Tamika's father. Interesting to know you also have an OCD child. Take every moment you can, all too soon they grow up and you have a 21 year old adult on your hands

  7. Oh he is one special little guy and so much character!!! I hope the sadness fades soon or tat whatever it is that is making you sad disappears and leaves you to enjoy that precious little guy in peace xx

  8. We all think he is a full on character, and so too do most people who meet him


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