Monday 13 January 2014


I have opted to list my sewing goals on here to try to keep myself accountable. This list is simple.

* Sew one item a week post it online
* Practice one new sewing skill per month
* Sew one item per month for someone other (more on this later)
*Sew items from my vintage pattern collection (what is the point in having them if I do not use them?)

I have kept the list as simple as possible, as some weeks finding time for myself does not happen, and this includes sewing. Last week was one of those weeks, with extra hours at work and a long list of injuries- chest, toe, burnt arm, twisted ankle, I had very little time at the machine.

Though, I did get to complete a skirt for Jarvis's bed. This was to hide the trundle/spare bed underneath. Justin's pick of fabric was orange with white stars on a black base. Which as you can see coordinates perfectly with the rest of his room.

Jarvis has a beautiful handcrafted patchwork quilt (in black and white), once he stops co-sleeping and transfers into his room, the quilt will go on this bed. 

Note to self: At least attempt to tidy ruffle before taking a photo

I also got another pair of boxer shorts completed for Jarvis. So that ticks off list item one for this week :)


  1. Krysta Paramithi14 January 2014 at 05:43

    Wow I haven't spent a single minute to sew since I started, I sewed something awesome once, but just that! Good luck!

  2. it is going to be hard to stick to my goals and find me time. But I am hopeful.

  3. You are seriously one craft chick. I love that idea of setting yourself goals to do something you love and not just HAVE to do. I commit to making one new cocktail a week.... hmmmm doesnt sound as good as yours. Well done hun that room looks gorgeous and I am now inspired to at least THINK about attempting a bed skirt for one of my boys rooms to hide his trundle as I hate the sight of it under the bed. xx

  4. I need the goals, so I make time to do it. Trundle beds are great, but ugly, which was great motivation. Cocktail a week? Hmm okay why not! Even though I am a non-drinker, at least you are trying new things, which I think is fantastic! Not allowed to drink the same drink each week! Show me the images of the cocktails you make?

  5. wow that looks awesome! Those are some kinda targets!!

  6. Now if I can keep those targets!


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