Friday, 27 December 2013


I had planned to end this series with an image of myself and my two sisters. Dignified and all adult. However yesterday, we went back to the FOTT house for another afternoon of swimming in the pool and dinner with the family.

After all of the kids became water logged, and cold, it was time for races on the grass. It started with a game of "Ready, Set, Go" with the two youngest boys, yet soon everyone joined in.

You know how people say it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye? Well in this case is was just a really good case of grazing, from dry summer grass. Justin tripped an fell, he had Eden on his shoulders and Jarvis in his arms. He threw Jarvis to one side like a footie to save falling on him. Then Justin and Eden fell together. She did the most amazing tuck and roll and came out shaken with a slightly grazed knee.

I think Justin came off the worse, I have included an image taken with a flash of his head, but his arms are also all grazed. The images are not in focus and taken with a flash, but in spite of them being crap in quality, how could I not include them in this series, they show our crazy, fun, family in all of it's insanity. 

To see it in it's full glory you can either go to Tamika's instagram account or Levi's instagram account While you are on instagram, why not add me as well, my link is up there on the right. 

Okay, so that is a year of my family in images.

Jodi over at Che and Fidel has inspired me to pick up my camera and turn the focus inward. Since I already take 100s of photos of my children each week, so I thought I would twist the idea a little. What I never seem to get is group shots, images of the family together, whether it is my two children, Tamika and Jarvis, or me with the kids, or shots of Justin and I. So I am going to challenge myself to get one image of "my family" per week.


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed some Christmas festivities, Julie. I'd seen the video of it on Tamika's Instagram, but that graze is intense - looks like a lot of fun was had, nonetheless! Hope everyone heals soon. Xx

  2. I think because we pretty much ignored Christmas, we, well I had a much better time. This was Friday night that we all got together for a BBQ that the races happened

  3. I love the idea of focusing on capturing family moments. Certainly I don't have very many in my archives! It was great playing along with you and I'm looking forward to round two!

  4. With your expanding family you will have even more opportunities to capture memories of the siblings that stay in your heart forever

  5. Oh wow you crazy people! I hope the fall didn't hurt!

  6. I think Justin came off the worse. I guess landing on your head/face will do that. Jarvis a a little cry, think it was more being thrown to one side like a football. Eden ended up with a grazed knee but was up and all good.

  7. Oh wow! I'm glad the little one didn't get hurt!

  8. No, it was the big kid that got hurt the most. A week later, Justin head/face is still a mess


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