Monday, 2 September 2013


This will be my last post on Monday's Educating Women Series; from now on, I am passing it over to some amazingly talented and clever women.

Me. back in Year One. Can you pick which one is me?

The reason I started this series is education is a subject very dear to my heart. In all countries, it is common knowledge, that for girls and women living in poverty, education is not only the key to a brighter future, it is also a key to survival. But the fact also holds true for all women, living in all countries, that to harness the potential of girls and women education and the desire to learn, will lead and help act on women’s vision of change for themselves, their families, and their communities.

As I discussed in my three previous posts there are all forms of education, good, and even some bad, that can enforce change in your life. So now I hand it over to women who have inspired me. 

But before I go I have a question for you... I have been thinking of putting up advertising/sponsorship spots on my blog and donating 50% of earnings to charity (The other 50% will go to my sewing habit). Question for you is what do you think? Who would be happy to pay prices starting from ten dollars a month? 

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  1. I have loved reading your educational journey. I'm doing my final oral presentation next week about my thesis (on education in Fiji). It's been such an amazing area to research. And about the sponsorship, I'm not sure, but you might find this post helpful xoxox

    1. Thanks for the link, popping over now. Your thesis sounds really interesting. would love to hear/read more about it.

  2. Advertisement/sponsorship is the next big step for any blog, I say go right ahead! I like the idea of donating 50% of sponsorship earnings towards charity.

    1. Thanks Trishie, I like the idea of donating as well, and thought I could use this blog to do so.


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