Monday, 8 July 2013


Our last day in Sydney, was a wistful day. Why is it the last day of any holiday is a little like this? Not wanting the journey and the adventure to end, but looking forward to your own bed…

We woke, to a Sydney blanketed in fog. As we wandered up to Crown Street, we passed several terrace houses I would love to see the inside of.

Would it be rude to knock on their door, and ask if I can have a sticky beak inside?

I had the best breakfast. I can easily say the best ever banana loaf/bread I have ever eaten. And trust me I have eaten a LOT of banana bread in my life time. I even contemplated getting a take home loaf.

The Café in question was FourAteFive. The décor is simplistic and there’s nothing overly pretentious, or so ‘hipster’ you do not want to enter with a child. There are no frills at FourAteFive; it’s just homely and casual with good food and warm hearts. The place was packed, but the service was prompt and super friendly.

After breakfast we set off in search of a few antique shops Justin wanted to check out. Found some great stuff, but way out of our price range. 

So we ended up playing on the swings and slide instead of shopping. The idea was to give Jarvis some down time, plus use up some of his energy before the flight.

It was then back to the B&B for a photo shoot of the place. Yes two photographers. Of course we had to take heaps of photos, but will show this fantastic B&B next week so as not to over load this week post with images. Oh I cannot wait to show you the images Justin took of Jarvis! 

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  1. What a nice trip! The fog in the first picture is so pretty. And I commend you for even attempting to go into an antique shop with a little. Very clever taking Jarvis to the playground before the flight!!

    1. Normally I would wear him in a sling, but Justin kept him on his shoulders for the antique shop visits. Not sure if we are game enough to let him down. The fog was amazing


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