Monday, 11 March 2013


One Hotel Room at a Time.

Tiredness. Oh the horrible weariness that comes with being awake for over 30 hours. After leaving Paris, and getting on the plane to Korea, I had only managed a couple of very small cat-naps on the 11 and half hour flight. Jarvis would only sleep with me sitting upright in this really odd position. So after we landed at Incheon International Airport all I could think of was a shower and to lay down on a comfy bed.

I was so glad we opted to pay for a stay over, instead of having a 12 hour delay at the airport before flying home. This way, with our night at the Hyatt Regency we would have 36 hours in Korea. Enough to sleep, eat, and relax, before the last leg of our journey.

As much as the king sized bed was divine, I forced us to get up and go downstairs to have dinner. I am glad we did, but Justin and I must have looked like a couple fighting. Not sure if we even spoke two words during dinner. We were that couple that just sit there opposite each other at a restaurant not talking, just zoning out, we were just so very tired.

After breakfast in the morning, it was if we were two new people; full of smiles and energy. So we opted not to waste our day lounging around the hotel, but to go into in Soul. So bused it to the airport and then got the hour long bus from the airport into Soul. 

Ok, who were we kidding? We were still tired; all three of us fell asleep on the bus. But I have been told it is not a very exciting bus ride.

We got off near Deoksugung Palace, which is located in the center of Soul on a busy intersection. It is a walled compound that was inhabited by various Korean royalties until the colonial period around the turn of the 20th century. The buildings are of varying construction, including some built in Western style. It was such a peaceful contrast to the outside city.

We wandered around for an hour or so then came outside to watch the changing of the guards.

After a quick pit stop for food, we had about half an hour to just walk around, and try to soak up as much of the city as possible.

How cute? The restaurant was named Daddy and Me, and just screamed photo time at me.

 All too soon our holiday was over, and time to get our final flight home to Brisbane. The nine hour flight went quickly. We blinked, and the month in France had passed and we were home.


  1. I'm travelling with my mind with all these photos! Amazing!

    1. I am re-living the trip just writing out these posts. It was such an amazing holiday.


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