Saturday 16 March 2013


My Mother made a rare visit (it feels like forever since we have seen her, especially not seen her in hospital). A quiet day, lunch at Stones Corner, with Mum, my Aunt and my little sister; and then just hanging out at the FOTT house. Today has got me thinking of memories and lost moments in life. 

There are a few, Portrait a Week options out there. A lot involve taking a portrait of your children each week. Jodi over at Che and Fidel has inspired me to pick up my camera and turn the focus inward. Since I already take 100s of photos of my children each week, so I thought I would twist the idea a little. What I never seem to get is group shots, images of the family together. Whether it is my two children, Tamika and Jarvis. Or me with the kids. Or shots of Justin and I. So I am going to challenge myself to get one image of "my family" per week.


  1. You daughter is seriously beautiful! What does FOTT means? I forgot to ask on the previous post!

  2. I have always thought Tamika was stunning. FOTT, umm fucking over the top. Susie's house is insane, it is a show house, that took her years to renovate, it has the most amazing features from claw foot bath tubs to a swimming pool with water feature. Susie has worked extremely hard all of her life and sacrificed many things to get this home.


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