Thursday 28 February 2013


I am so excited that I finally got some sewing done. Granted it is not a lot, but since coming home from Fiji, my sewing area has been ankle deep in water. One pair of PJ pants for Jarvis and another pair of Sarouels. Plus I have cut out a pair of PJ pants for myself and started on a re-make of an op-shop find.

Jarvis is a very ‘busy’ model and does not stand still for long. So the photos don't do the pants justice, but the Sarouels, fit him well and are an easy make from one of Justin’s old t-shirts.

The PJ are crumpled as Jarvis wore them to bed last night. Currently my model is taking a nap, so I cannot get a photo of them on him. But they are a cute ‘old man’ style pyjamas. Tamika found the fabric in the remnants bin at Spotlight, and knew her brother would love it. Anything covered, or to do with, animals is a hit with him. The added bonus is that it only cost $1.30!

So now it is time to sew for myself….


  1. Adorable! I particularly like the pant style because there's room for cloth nappies.

  2. Thank you. I like the fact that Jarvis got pants and Pjs and total money spent was $1.30,

  3. I love these! Consider selling them! Seriously!

    1. Thank you. Justin has been telling me for ages I should start an online shop selling stuff I sew. But lack of confidence stops me

  4. Love these pants.... so cute!!!!


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