Tuesday, 26 February 2013


This is an open letter to the Real Estate who mange our home, and to the people who own it

This house has become our home. I have loved it greatly in the eighteen months that we have lived here. I believe this shows in the care and love I have given this home. From the internal renovations I have done, such as painting bedrooms, painting door frames, repairing screen, and sewing and replacing torn blinds. 

To the external, which I have also done a lot of work. It was a massive task cleaning up the back yard (with a huge amount of help from Dad and my little sister), I cleaned away the pool site that had been a safety risk to anyone entering the back yard, landscaped, planted grass, and built two huge edible gardens. In the front yard I have dug up and landscaped the front garden beds.

I believe all of this work is a sign of how much I love and care for this house, even though we only rent it. I believe it is very reasonable to ask that we do not have to live in a house that floods every time Brisbane has heavy rains.

The downstairs, Jarvis’s play area and the office/sewing room has yet again been further damaged from this week’s rains, and will continue to do so until repairs are done. I am aware that plumbing and drainage need to be done to rectify the situation, but surely it is not too much of an ask, to not have a cupboard that turns into a waterfall each time it rains?

I am also aware, that we have now asked over a dozen times for this repair to happen, and as of yet we have received no response, other than from the Real Estate telling us they will inform the owners. 

Thanking you

Your tenant, Julie

Below is an example of just some of the work we have done to the property.

What was the backyard.

What the backyard is now


  1. It's too bad you are not getting anywhere with the agents, have you spoken directly to the property manager ? some staff are incompetant or careless and don't get info to the appropriate person. If you can't speak to the property manager in person or they fob you off there is probably a governing body of some kind that you can contact to to help move things along.
    I wonder are the owners aware that the agents are allowing their property to be damaged on a regular basis.
    The local council can give you a phone number for the owner...not sure if this incurs a fee.


    1. The Real Estate is small, only three or four staff. I have spoken to all of them, including the property manager. She says the owner is aware of the issue, but is unwilling to fix it as they think it will be too expensive. But this is crazy. Not willing to spend the money to stop a property the own from flooding?

    2. That attitude is just plain stupid.
      I think owners are obliged to make repairs and replacements as needed, so take some photos of the nature of the problem inside and out,when it happens again, so you have some evidence of what occurs.
      I think their insurance would be interested to learn they are ignoring on going damage to the property, and why wouldn't their building insurance cover this problem ?

  2. You have a beautiful house! I hope everything goes great and with less problems!

    1. It is beautiful. It is an old retro house and we love it. This is why I have done so much work on it, and stay even with the flooding. I should put more images of the house up, it really is gorgeous.


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