Thursday, 10 March 2016


I deleted Facebook off my phone at the beginning of the year, and messenger mid-Feb. And I don't miss them at all. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still am addicted to Instagram, oh all the pretty pictures... And yes every few days I jump on my computer and have squizz at FB. But, I am so happy they are gone off my phone.

I would find myself getting annoyed at my phone, all of those annoying notifications. Making the phone demand my attention. I HATED how every time someone made a comment in messenger a 'bubble' would pop up on my phone. I, we, tried several ways to stop it. But, if several people where chatting in a group conversation I would have these bubbles all over my phone.

I would leave group conversations just to avoid this. Then, I got questioned a couple times why I was leaving conversations. In the end I thought, too much. Delete.

Now, I am left wondering what other annoying things could I 'delete' out of my life?

What little things annoy you, that if you thought about it, you could easily walk away from? 

Note: I know the title is from a song, but cannot think of it...

Image was taken with my Fisheye2 Lomography Camera. With film that expired almost 20 years ago

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