Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Saturday and Sunday had passed in a blur of lovely relaxation. Monday arrived with a massive surprise for Jarvis!

The morning was the same as Sunday, early rise and down to the beach. When the sun got to hot it was back to the apartment pool. Justin had been given a voucher from Tamika to Dive with the Sharks for his birthday, so he had that booked for Monday lunch time.

I told Jarvis we were just going to hang around the apartment, but Tamika and Chester arrived to stay for a few nights. Also my two cousins, Jess and Sam, and two of their kids, Archie and Evie, came over. So there were four kids under five! Sorry neighbours, but they had fun. It was so good for Jarvis to have so many kids around for a few says. Plus I think Justin's body enjoyed the break.

After lunch, we introduced Tamika and Chester to the wonderful art of napping in the air con. This was followed by an afternoon at the beach. Jess and Levi, and all of the kids joined us at the beach. Bliss.

Of course we had to have fish and chips for dinner.

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