Tuesday, 31 January 2017


With a combination of jetlag and excitement, we started our trip to South Australia. We all woke, way, way too early.

Justin to drive his Mum to the airport so she could fly back to Townsville. And me to pack for our week (or more) road trip. When Justin returned, we just transferred a sleeping Jarb into the car.

I packed super light, as far as clothes, but filled the boot, and most of the back seat with food, and drinks. My logic was on a long road trip, not only is the food and drink normally crap, it is expensive. After our trip to Hong Kong, and the purchase of the van, I needed to keep expenses to a all time low. So I packed food for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Thinking we would eat a take away dinner while we were on the road.

We were aiming for about eight hours of driving, so with stops that was going to be around a twelve hour day. First stop was breakfast in the park, nice place to picnic, and good for Jarvis to have a play and stretch his legs.

We had to stop in Stanthorpe to take photos of apples and dinosaurs, plus a much needed loo break. I have a dream of traveling Australia, in the caravan and taking photos of all the "Big Things". I have even since purchased a map of Australia which marks out all of the big locations. What is your favourite? 

Lunch was a random park, where we took the time to play soccer with Jarvis.

The longest stop of the day was in Tamworth. What started out as a stop for coffee, ended up with us going to Super Cheap where we bought presents for the caravan.

My favourite stop of the day was our last in Coonabarabra. We found a dodgy motel. I love the "Bates Motel" feel of these old style motels. Makes me feel as if I have stepped back in time, or walked onto a movie set. 

It was also my favourite stop of the day as it was our last stop. We all shoved a greasy pizza into our mouths, and then collapsed into a greasy, 12 hour drive, exhausted sleep. 

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