Tuesday, 5 April 2016


On Sunday Tasmania, yet again, showed us it's perfect weather. In the morning we went to MONA. The Museum of Old and New Art, it is an art museum located within the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart, Tasmania. It is the largest privately funded museum in Australia.

All, three of us loved it, we each had our favourite exhibition. Easy to say Jarvis's was ‘Danser La Musique’ by Chen Zhen; essentially a huge trampoline with a system of ropes and bells that make a sort of basic music when the trampoline is used. We each took turns having a good jump around.

A fun house style mirror surrounds the outside of the gallery, and inside you can either descend via a tightly spiralling staircase into the sandstone bedrock of the Berriedale peninsular or by a glass lift. The typical recommendation is to start at the deepest level, B3.

Staff offered us an iPod Touch, with headphones, which they call the “O”. The device contains detailed information, commentary, and in some cases additional audio or videos, about all of the artworks on display, and uses GPS-technology to enable visitors to instantly access the appropriate information about each piece. Jarvis took control of our and off we set.

We only spent a couple of hours inside, but I would have happily spent a couple of days. Lunch was at the open air markets. Delicious, and relaxing with the live music and belly dancing performances.

Mandatory nap was required after the morning at MONA. Which was good as by the time we woke, the light was perfect to drive up to Wellington Park, featuring kunanyi/Mount Wellington, locally known as ‘the mountain’. 

It was surreal driving up the mountain and through the clouds. Once on top, we set off on a hike back down the mountain to walk to the clouds. Point to note: the mountain has an elevation of 1,271 m, which equals windy and very cold. Also climbing is evolved, wear appropriate shoes (Justin) and do not wear a skirt (me).

Jarvis was like a mountain goat, he loved the climbing and was shimmering up and down the highest points like crazy. We climbed and explored until my ears ached and my fingers we frozen. And, until Justin's belly demanded food.

Heading back down the mountain, I jumped out of the car, and got Justin to take photos of me in the clouds. 

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