Monday, 24 November 2014


Sunday in Nambucca was the day of the wedding, so Justin left super early, and did not get back until one am the next day. So Jarvis and I had the day to ourselves. The morning was spent at the local cinema, to escape the heat. Jarvis was super excited as we watched Maya the Bee. His zizzie (bee) obsession is still strong. Maya and Buzzbee are the inspiration behind my latest tattoo.

Back, to the cabin for lunch, and a nap. This time I actually read a book. Jarvis slept for so long I got the whole book finished in one reading. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, have you read it?

By the time Jarvis woke it was after 3pm, so we dressed and walked down the boardwalk to the river. It was so nice we stayed until 6pm. Only our hunger made us go back to the cabin.

On the TV that night was Brave, Jarvis pointed at her, and asked if it was me. Hmm I guess my hair unbrushed is a little like Merida's.

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