Thursday, 6 November 2014


Do you ever think, wow I have reached a whole new level of weird? No, me neither. But I think my neighbours may think that of me after yesterday afternoon.

This is the face of a shamed lady behind bars.

Houdini (our chicken) keeps escaping. She is driving me nuts, I do not know how she is getting out. The getting out is not so much the problem, it is the fact Houdini is a greedy girls and constantly eats through my vegie patch. Plus stripped Jarvis's sunflower garden bare.

So I thought, if I got her inside their home, then chased her she would try to escape and show me her escape route.

So here is me running around the enclosure yelling "naughty Houdini". Then when she fails to show me her escape route I ground her "yelling you are grounded for the rest of the afternoon!".

After yelling at the chicken that she is grounded, like she would totally understand, I look up and see the builders all having a laugh. Well at least they can go home and tell stories about the crazy/weird lady who lived in the house behind their project.

Please tell me I am no the only one who has grounded a chicken?

One fat girl who keeps escaping to get more food.

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