Thursday, 13 November 2014


So, I work in retail. I smile allot. I talk allot...probably too much. But, does this give open invitation to comments about me? About my appearance? Granted most of the comments are lovely and flattering, but then there are a small percentage that are just rude.

If I take the nice. does this mean I have to accept the rude?

On Sunday I changed my hair colour, I thought it was a subtle change, yet it has bought a massive amount of attention.

From the nice. A little girl approached me, and asked what colour my hair was, when I asked her what colour she thought it was she said "princess hair". An elderly lady told me my hair made me look "glowing and happy" and hugged me. Plus, I have had heaps of general comments of people just saying they like my hair.

A few have asked if it takes for ages to do my hair.

To a lady who said yesterday "I like your hair colour, but don't you think you are too old? How am I meant to answer that? Yes lady I think I am too old for this hair colour that is why I did it.

Another lady asked why I was wearing a wig.

Another said, in front of me loudly, to her friend "when someone gets as old as her and does that to her hair it is just desperate attention seeking, she is obviously either gay or single". Lady being either gay or single is not a bad option in this world, and what has that got to do with the colour of my hair?

So tell me, do you think it is okay to comment on strangers appearance?  Especially to their face?

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