Monday, 3 February 2014


As I don't normally wear straight skirts, I have never attempted to draft one. But after a request from Tamika, for a straight skirt she can wear to work, I thought I should teach myself.

After much time was spent on google looking for a style of skirt she wanted, I got out my trusty 2B pencil and white paper and got to work. Most of it has been a little guessing and estimating.

I know the key to a great pencil skirt is fit. To get a good fit good measurements are needed. First, Tamika needed to decide if she want the skirt to go all the way up to her natural waist, or just to a low waist, or to a high waist. Teak choose the high waist.

For clarification: true WAIST is the slimmest part of a torso. It’s a few centimetres above the belly button. A LOW WAIST is probably where most wear the waistband of jeans, below or near the belly button. The measurement for HIPS should be taken at the widest part of someone's butt.

Straight skirts sit better if a stronger heavier fabric is used. Either with or without a bit of stretch. As this is my first time experimenting with this style of skirt I looked to my fabric stash and found one meter of "Safety Matches" that I had used to make myself a skirt.

I cut the pieces out, now all is left is to decide how to finish off the seams, I think my normal french seam may be too bulky for the fit of the skirt, may just have to go with overlocker seams that I use for boxer shorts.

Next time Jarvis has a nap I will sew the skirt together.

Oh, and just to show you where I got the title of this post from:

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  1. It is the left over fabric from this skirt I am finishing it up now. So will get Teak to model it on the week-end


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