Sunday 5 January 2014


No I did not give them eggs for Christmas. I gave them matching boxers shorts. Tamika and Guy got matching robots. Guy is the robot fan, so poor Bubby got robots as well. Justin and Jarvis got vintage cars and caravans, which was Jarvis's choice of fabric.

Love Tamika's face in this image, she is like "what the? Mum gave me an egg carton?"

I have done a lot of sewing for Jarvis, but it was the first time I have done any for men. I drafted a boxer short pattern off one I already had, and adjusted Justin's to a 30 inch waist and Guy's to a 32 inch waist. Justin's fit perfectly. I could of added a touch of length to Guy's pair. Something to keep in mind when going up a size.

Drafting patterns can be relatively simple. Some different ways to draft a pattern are as follows:

1: The "cut and spread" option is one method for pattern grading. Begin by tracing your original pattern. I trace my pattern on to white paper (I have a large roll of this).

2: You can also cover the original pattern with transparent paper and trace that way.

3: Fusible interfacing will also do, but it is my least favourite way of drafting a pattern.

4: If you have an uncut pattern to grade, you can use dressmaker's carbon and a tracing wheel to transfer the pattern to paper.

Note: Be sure to transfer all markings, darts and grain lines. Labelling your pattern pieces as you go will help you keep things straight.

All of these methods are suitable when drafting straight from a pattern, if alterations are needed you will need further steps.

 Does Guy's face mean he wants the cars and not the robots?



  1. Has Tamika ever done any professional modeling? She is seriously one gorgeous stunning girl. I love that you made them boxer shorts! What a cute idea. Love the photos. Jarvis' expression in the 3rd photo made me laugh out loud!

  2. You're amazing, such a thoughtful gift for them all. I love the photos and the commentary...priceless!

  3. She is a bit of all right isn't she? No, she works in admin for a charity. No modeling. All of their faces are funny!

  4. Thank you :) I love sewing so it made sense to make them something for Christmas


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