Wednesday, 30 October 2013


On Friday I think Jarvis thought he was in heaven. What is better than a garbage truck or the postie to an almost two year old boy? A dump truck full of dirt and a semi filled with grass.

This guy looked like Santa to Jarvis.

Delivery was meant to occur around eleven. Yeah I guess that sounds like 7am? Lucky for me the dirt and grass was delivered onto our driveway and I had to cart it all up to the back of the house and lay it. 

Around 11am, Dad came to the rescue and came over to help. Who knew grass was that heavy? We had to get it done by the end of Friday as it was blocking in my car. Note to self, move car first next time.

The grass was laid, and I learnt a few things. When I lift heavy weights I am an old lady grunter. Do not allow an almost two year old loose with the hose on a huge pile of dirt. Wet dirt is even heavier than dry dirt. Laying grass is hard for two OCDers like Dad and I, grass must be neat! And do not lay down on new grass when you are the only adult home, a small child will not pick you up and carry you into the house and put you in the shower. He will however jump up and down on you as if you are the new yard toy.

 They could have left some on the truck, or at the very least carried up for me?

Jarvis stood waving to the empty semi for ages, long after it had driven away


  1. Can't wait to see how it looks in the yard!

  2. The yard is sloooooowly looking more like a yard than a dirt patch

  3. What a big job! Grass is so deceptively heavy isn't it!
    And I bet that Jarvis was in heaven...I know Toddler C would have been!

  4. First time I picked up a sheet of grass i was surprised at it's weight. By the end of this job, I could barely pick them up my limbs were aching sooo much. Only one more delivery to go and the back yard is grassed!
    Jarvis adores it all. I have spend the last tow days digging in the dirt and he is in in grubby, muddy heaven.


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