Sunday, 20 October 2013


Two and half weeks late but here is Jarvis's Monthly Update

Growth & Appearance:
My mullet man, your tips are going blonde! What? How can I have an Asian blonde child? Okay, well maybe not blonde, but they are definitely a light honey colour. At some point I guess I will have to cut your hair, but for now you are wearing the long tussled hair very well.
At first I thought your new teeth were too big, but now I am use to them, I think they go well with your huge grin.
You have gotten taller and your feet have grown, you have gone up a shoe size and a nappy size this month.

You are a good eater and we have never had any trouble with your food in-take. You let us know if you do not like anything by throwing it off your plate. You are a little gobble guts like your Dad. I am scared of how much you already eat. I think our food bill is going to be enormous.

Talking is still not happening. You have added nup/narrh (no) and up. You are attempting to say bath. But you whisper baaa. The same for pasta, it is a whispery pa. You have started calling cars, real and your toy cars, broom broom. Which is odd, no one has every called them that to you.

You have done so well with your night sleeps, since moving into the new house. You go down every night around 8:30 and sleep through until 6:30. Yes the magic that all parents hope for. You are now sleeping through the night! Oh, my I feel light a new woman. It is amazing what three weeks of uninterrupted sleep can do for a person.Your cot is right next to me, and on the odd occasions you reach out for my hand during the night. But you hold my hand and settle back to sleep.

You now use the toilet all of the time at home, okay, well you still love peeing in the yard. I am just not sure how to start taking you out of the house without a nappy, you pee so much!

It seems as if with this new house has come a new maturity, my baby is long gone. You are so much fun to be around. The only thing that seems to upset you of late is when Tamika visits and has to go home you get upset with her leaving. I think this is tied in with Justin being away for two weeks.

You are developing strong habits. You like things done a set way, if Justin or Tamika do not do them the way you want you get really frustrated when trying to communicate with them.

Your love of books is as strong as ever. You also love colouring in/drawing and will sit quietly for ages doing this. It is with these two activities, it is the only time you are still.

You have not spent as much time in the yard in this new house as there is not much shade. But when we go up the back to dig in the dirt, you are one happy mud covered little boy.

As far as toys, it is Matchbox cars all the way with you. They are all over the house. I believe they hurt more than Lego when you stand on them.

How I am thinking/Feeling
For two weeks of this month it was just the two of us in the new house. So it was strange and yet familiar. It was hard to see how much you missed your Dad. His motorbike jacket, sigh, every time you saw it, you would stroke it and rub your face on it and say “Daddy”, broke my heart.

We kept busy, unpacking, gardening, walks, swimming, library visits, through all of this you were my happy chatty companion. When it is just us, you talk (well not talk, but chatter) so much. You are with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week and I never tire being with you. I am not a parent who looks forward to a break from her children, I hate any separation. I think it is worse with you as I know from Tamika, how quickly you will grow up and become independent.


  1. He's so cute! His teeth are perfect for his face :D He will be talking and putting words together soon enough. and yes I swear I step on a Matchbox car at least once every other week ;)

  2. I am not worried about him not talking. I know from experience, once they start they never shut up. And with the talking comes a zillion questions a day

  3. I was just saying on Caitlin's blog what a great idea I think documenting those early years on your blog is. I've already forgotten so much! x

  4. The reason I started this blog was to document Jarvis. I realised with Tamika how much is 'lost'. She was born before the digital age, and I did not own a camera. So many memories and moments are lost.

  5. He is seriously such a beautiful little boy...that photo of him sleeping is just gorgeous.

  6. Those long limbs! I am always surprised at how long his legs are


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