Monday, 15 April 2013


Our last two days in Fiji were spent being as lazy as we possible could. I have never had a holiday that was just relaxing, every holiday I have ever been on was spent exploring and adventuring, so it was a lovely change of pace, to just relax beside the pool, read my kindle, walk on the beach, oh and eat, eat a LOT of food.

Justin shouted himself and me a massage, and this was the most energetic thing I did. She really had an issue with my butt. Do not think I have ever had anyone ever spend so much time massaging it. All the while I was thinking am I going to end up bruised? And Lady that butt is never going to look like a twenty years old behind ever again, Don’t both with that much work, get back to my shoulders!

The journey home took most of a day, we were picked up from our hotel at 10 am and we got home to Brisbane around 8 pm that night. Exhausted and shell shocked to be home.

As I sit here in Brisbane typing this and looking the sky and the last of the photos, Brisbane is getting a big storm with the sky turning green and I think Fiji you were an amazing country to visit, with the friendliest people, I would happily go back any time I could. With the free hotel upgrade and free room upgrade we also got totally spoilt with the luxury.

Thank you Fiji for reminding me how to relax and not stress so much.  

Photo bomb by Jarvis while I was trying to take a photo of the Day Spa

 How amazing does this Day Spa look?

We went in the rainy season, but even on the 'bad' days it was still gorgeous

At night Justin enjoyed sampling many of the free cocktails from the many bars. I think this one was called a traffic light.

 Jarvis got to enjoy a rice cracker and a straw

I enjoyed cuddles and a stunning view

 The closing of the day and the welcoming of the night ceremony

 After cocktails we went for night walks on the beach and Jarvis played with the local children

 Doesn't the swim up bar look fabulous on sunset?

 Our last morning was spent relaxing

Jarvis and I had a last minute swim before we started the long journey home. While Justin had his last extra nap


  1. "And Lady that butt is never going to look like a twenty years old behind ever again, Don’t both with that much work, get back to my shoulders!" haha

    I want a massage NOW!

  2. OMG I love a massage. But this was a little more intimate than I have ever had.

  3. Looks so lovely! Can't wait until we can have a proper holiday.

    1. $20 a week can get you a proper holiday any where in the world. This was the advice I was given in my 20s and I have stuck to it. Every three years or close to it I have one on a good overseas holiday by saving $20 a week. Justin and I each saved $20 a week to go to France for his 30th, and without him knowing I saved extra to buy the trip to Fiji.

  4. This looks like heaven on earth !! I've never gone oversees, but this place look phenomenal.

    1. When I was a single Mum to Tamika I became upset that I had never traveled. A lady asked if I could save $20 a week. Then told me if I could do that I could go anywhere I wanted every three years. And that is what I have done. Save $20 a week for travel for the last twenty years.


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